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Posted by Lidia W. Utami 2017-09-12

Sorry, I don't like game that needs internet connection. If you make it offline, may be I'll download this game again

Posted by Maggie McDonald 2017-08-28

Will not work

Posted by 2017-08-25

Why i want to give 1 star even i will not even give 1 star very bad

Posted by Chris Rountree 2017-08-24

It just frzzis up on me

Posted by nitu dubey 2017-08-24

The worst game in the

Posted by 2017-08-24

Ayaw magopen tang ina

Posted by shilpa nimbalkar 2017-08-24

I hate hate this game

Posted by Alexis Sullivan 2017-08-23

Should have listened to what the reviews said and never downloaded. Game wouldn't even load all the way. Kept crashing. (And was connected to WiFi)

Posted by 2017-08-23

خیلی خیلی خیلی مسخره بود

Posted by Srin Rama 2017-08-23

This is the worst game ever. It takes a lot of time to load it. And everything I see is all black and very hard to move the things in it

Posted by 2017-08-23

Benci app ni tersekat

Posted by Etta M. Langsam 2017-08-22

It froze my phone

Posted by Mega Grapes 2017-08-22

it just always quit me at the game when i try doing something i am being honest here it is not a good game

Posted by TV Lover 2017-08-22

Its not work !!! Loading is very very to long, thats stuck not loading. Worst my time

Posted by zorine Leong 2017-08-22

I couldn't start the game, even after I close all background apps.

Posted by Vashti Singh 2017-08-22

It doesn't even ply

Posted by 2017-08-22

کرم به قوز آن سازنده

Posted by menaka kannangara 2017-08-22

It is a bad game .

Posted by Jenelle Pappah 2017-08-21

I hate this game it didn't even open this game is stupid

Posted by Ri_Ri West 2017-08-21

It stalls uncontrollable it's ridiculous.

Posted by 2017-08-21

Hate i

Posted by savita parab 2017-08-21

Boring game . Worst game Mobile get hanged

Posted by Josa Eder 2017-08-21

Not download for me Hi guys pls. Do not download this is are not download for me I'm angry this game pls. Do not download this.

Posted by Emilia Razak Emil 2017-08-21


Posted by PC Sharma 2017-08-21

This is the worst game in the world

Posted by 2017-08-21

Worst game it doesnt even starts so how i will play this thats why i gave only 1 star. I was not willing to give any star but

Posted by 2017-08-21

Very difficult to find items. So u have to pay in order to upgrade the storage

Posted by 2017-08-20

Bobo ka

Posted by Clynn Bailey 2017-08-20

I hated it

Posted by Netaji Selvam 2017-08-20

It is not at all nice because it is not full version

Posted by 2017-08-20


Posted by Inaam Waheed 2017-08-20

Where are apple trees

Posted by 2017-08-20

I don't likely

Posted by 2017-08-19

It is very boring and only for kids.

Posted by K Pierce 2017-08-19

It looks cute but it keeps closing before it finishes loading... I have a galaxy s3 using kitkat. It seems to work fine on a tablet we have though.

Posted by 2017-08-19

I love this game but he don't install fast

Posted by Michaela Cronje 2017-08-19

I didn't even play the game because it was loading so long. It' took longer than three days!!!!

Posted by 2017-08-19

Its not working at all if i click on grass i"ll go back to home screeen i din't liked it sorry

Posted by The Little Girl 2017-08-17


Posted by Wen Xiang 2017-07-28

This game doesnt have cloud save system...need to restart again when change new phone..

Posted by Ayano Hikari 2017-07-14

I hate this games

Posted by lutheranny maha 2017-07-12

Siit Can't instal

Posted by Rachel Dan 2017-07-11

Can't play on Samsung tab

on Google Play

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