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Posted by Deborah Butler 2017-09-10

It's okay , I just didn't like the graphics

Posted by aileen clemente 2017-09-09

Not bad

Posted by Pamela Lau 2017-08-25

Easy to get mis-click on add cooking slot, waste my ribbon. Should add a confirmation question before add

Posted by Dureiya Dungarpurwala 2017-08-25

We are nt able to expand tiles and it's nt offline video

Posted by Sweta Priya 2017-08-24

Its a nice game bt my oven replaced by mistak n i cant get it back..

Posted by 2017-08-24

Hmm .. cute game... i liked it...

Posted by Jordache Dyer 2017-08-24

I play this on my iPad and assumed that since it links with your Facebook account that it would save my place if I chose to play it on my phone which is Android. But no such luck, would give the 5 stars all around if this was an option

Posted by Sri Chekri 2017-08-24

goto time game

Posted by Sanath 92 2017-08-23

It is good game

Posted by Priyadarshini Priya 2017-08-23

Rishika arav the y y the first time in my head in the morning and I have to

Posted by 2017-08-22

While im playing the game keeps cutting off

Posted by Jack Brown 2017-08-22

Good game but hard to get it to work, may be my phone, also loaded for my daughter and it's to old for her

Posted by Dakodah Schaefer 2017-08-22

How do you expand.

Posted by Nader Fh12 2017-08-22

عالی بود من که خوشم اومد

Posted by Mike Bedard 2017-08-21

I love this GAME

Posted by Rudy Sudradjat 2017-08-20


Posted by RAJA BABU VASAMSETTY 2017-08-20


Posted by Mansi Rajput 2017-08-19

it is nice game but its takes many time opening and when it starts the game closed

Posted by 2017-08-19

Best game good

Posted by V L Y 2017-08-18

Ok so I bought expansion to expand cafe but I can't seem to put any wallpaper or tile on the expanded areas?

Posted by gurvinder singh 2017-08-18

Its good game but firstly when I start it was only black I can't see anything.

Posted by Mini F 2017-07-14

Hey !Good day could you please Make this offline playable also ?The same as Hello kitty World ?/Not many has Internet' access and uses Data only ...Pls consider this, I will give this Game 5 star .

Posted by Roy Sandy Kurniawan 2017-07-13

With so many of this type of game in rhe market today, this game certainly has its own downsides. I really hate that the stuffs can't be rotated and the lack of sophistication of the outdoor equipments (no outdoor decorations, roads, etc.). Aside from all of the negative parts, this game has a much better and smoother graphics than most of its kind and the cuteness is definitely overwhelming.

Posted by Razty Tari 2017-07-13

I like hello kitty but feel little bored, because need long time to cook

Posted by Elfi Laila 2017-07-13

There's problem when opening.. I can't start the game. .. It can't be loading to 100% .. please fix it right away

Posted by Rachel Vallery Do 2017-07-11

It's okay, I guess. I see nothing special except for the fact that it's HK, but apart from that it's not a very good game in my personal opinion, because it lacks a lot. The rotation button for example, and it also lacks smth that I can't explain.. it just needs smth to make it more fun and special.

Posted by Fenesha Hossana Rebecca 2017-07-11

It was fun . but did i waited too long when i'm just open up this game in 2nd day ? It won't go faster loading .. Please fix immediately -_-

Posted by Christine Yuen 2017-07-11

Not a friendly game because cant find help button on how to grow apple, how to move the table around as i can only move those table that i buy. Graphics is super cute & nice to play

Posted by MultiMoirahLented 2017-07-08

It's lacking a lot of things, like the rotate button on some items.

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